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Dungeon Quest Roblox Wikipedia Guest. Chara’s quests are special objectives such as killing monsters Upon completing such quests you will receive rewards like gold etcOfficial Data says that all quests combined give 1143466850 Gold 702 Tickets 7 EXP Booster 1 Gold Booster 5 Small Health Potions 35 Normal Health Potion 5 Large Health Potions 18 Mega Potions 4 Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie 9 Unique Crystals 12.

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The Underworld is the 5th dungeon in Dungeon Quest The Demon Warrior is the basic melee enemy and the Dark Mage is your basic ranged enemy There are only 2 basic enemy types (unlike King’s Castle which has 3) The dungeon has 1.

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This spell boosts Melee attacks by 100% for 8 seconds but it takes 20 seconds of cooldown (Deal 2× physical damage for 8 seconds) (When you equip this skill on both sides of the spell keys and use it at the same time it allows you to triple the damage inflicted though this will not be as effective as using only one Battle Shout with another skill and therefore it is not recommended.

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There are different items for the 2 different classes warriors and mages each having their own technological advantages There are different rarities the higher is better gray or clear is common green is uncommon blue is rare purple epic and a yellow/orange will mean that its a legendary Weapons have a range of spell damage and physical damage Armor has three stats.

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Spells can be cast in battle and provide a variety of effects These effects include damaging monsters with physical or spell damage healing players luring monsters toward the player speeding the player up and even nullifying monster attacks Different spells will scale with different stats depending on the difficulty or the dungeon it is obtained from Spells will either.

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