How To Get Roblox On Linux Ubuntu

How To Get Roblox On Linux Ubuntu. 1) Installing Roblox on Linux using Wine HQ With WineHQ Roblox games are open to players (Image via Sportskeeda) Unfortunately the official Roblox site only has the setup available for Apple.

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1 Click here to download Roblox 2 Find the location where you downloaded Roblox to 3 Right click the downloaded version of Roblox 4 Click “Open with other Application” 5 Expand the “Use a custom command” section 6 Enter “wine” without any capitalization or quotes 7 Then right click it and click “Open With” and click wine.

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Is there any way to get Roblox Studio working on Ubuntu? wine chromebook crossover Share Improve this question Follow edited Mar 1 ’18 at 1618 Zanna.

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While Roblox does not officially support Linux the Wine compatibility layer for running Windows programs can run Roblox Player and Roblox Studio on Linux As of January 18 2022 the stable release of Wine is capable of running Roblox This requires Wine 70 or a more recent version.

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This is ****NOT**** “running Roblox on Ubuntu” This is running Roblox on MSWindows on a machine that also happens to run Ubuntu Not an answer at all The intention is to GET RID of the dualboot and only run Linux with Wine and QEMU/KVM for those MSWin applications Roblox at this point WON’T even run in a QEMU/KVM/libvirt VM.


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Install Roblox Game on Ubuntu 2004/1804 LTS Linux 1 Add Wine GPG key and repo To install Wine HQ’s latest version on your Ubuntu 2004 LTs Linux first add its GPG 2 Run system update To make sure our system has successfully recognized the newly added repository run the system 3.

How To Get Roblox On Linux Ubuntu
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