How To Make A Light Block In Roblox

How To Make A Light Block In Roblox. Please watch “First Day As A Carpernter ” https//wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=YqKOuv4RmY ~hi guys i hope this video is helpful and don`t forget to Subscrib.

Adding A Light Source how to make a light block in roblox
Adding A Light Source from

local Facing = mycharHumanoidRootPartCFrameLookVector local Vector = (hitcharFindFirstChild(“Head”)Position mycharHumanoidRootPartPosition)unit local angle = mathdeg(mathacos(FacingDot(Facing))) if angle > 300 or angle < 60 then print("block") else print("hit") end I tried to change it to this.

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I don’t really know much about how lighting works but It probably comes down to something along the lines of while 1=1 do wait(1) code to set light to a certain value wait(1) code to set light to a difference value end.

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this one is easy so follow my steps in the video you will be able to do it.

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As you expand the shape and make it bigger the Surface Light expands along with it giving off a proportional amount of light All ROBLOX shapes have six faces (top bottom front back left right) and each face can have its own Surface Light To insert a Surface Light in ROBLOX Studio open the “Model” menu and click Effects.

Adding A Light Source

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Adding a Light Source Roblox

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Dynamic lighting is a rendering feature in Roblox that provides shadow effects ambient lighting and customizable light sources which can be added to places where it is enabled Dynamic lighting can be activated by activating the “GlobalShadows” property of the Lighting service inside a place Since it is a scripting accessible property it can be enabled or disabled whenever the.

How To Make A Light Block In Roblox
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