How To Make A Loop Of Music In Roblox

How To Make A Loop Of Music In Roblox. Loop through a table Example local sounds = pathtofolderGetChildren() while true do for _sound in pairs(sounds) do soundPlay() soundEndedWait() end wait(1) endNov 10 2021Aug 20 2021Apr 13 2020Jan 13 2020.

Loop Hero Music Maker Steam Lists how to make a loop of music in roblox
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Expand local function loopNTimes(sound numberOfLoops) if not soundIsPlaying then soundLooped = true local connection = nil connection = soundDidLoopConnect(function(soundId numOfTimesLooped) print(numOfTimesLooped) if numOfTimesLooped >= numberOfLoops then disconnect the connection.

How can i loop the music correctly? [Sonic Mania] [Forum

Set the end value to 0 by typing 0 Make sure to include a comma to separate the values for count = 10 0 Create an increment value of 1 by typing 1 After the loop has finished its action it’ll add the increment value to the control variable count.

Help with cycling through roblox music : lua

What Forum is Roblox? Roblox DeepWoken The Loop The Developer Forum (better known as DevForum or RBXDev) is a Roblox forum that developers can freely communicate with each other The Developer Forums can be found here In order to get into the developer forum users must actively read topics.

How to add on going music to my game : roblox

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A ‘for’ loop is a loop with a set number of times to repeat itself Let’s say you wanted to print the numbers 150 but didnt want to list out every single number? You can simply use this for x = 1 50 do print(x) end That script is saying that we wanted it to print x 50 times The variable x is set to be 1 50 inside a for loop thus repeating itself 50 times So our output would look like.

How To Make A Loop Of Music In Roblox
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