How To Make Obby Roblox

How To Make Obby Roblox. How To Make A Working OBBY in ROBLOX (2021) Make sure to save your work )Kill Brick Script scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(Hit) if HitParentFindFi.

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My Crazy Fun Obby Cool Creations Devforum Roblox from

The position doesn’t really matter when creating an Obby because the next step will explain that Fourth Step Delete the baseplate by.

How to Make an Obby on Roblox (with Pictures) wikiHow

Entering Roblox Studio Download Article Sign up for Roblox or sign in to an existing account This is necessary so that you can saveGo to the top blue menu and click on the ‘Create’ tab located at the top of the page This isClick on the green button that says ‘Create New Place’ This will take you to a menu.

How to Make an Obby in Roblox Online Game Design Course

Touching that gate will cause a GUI to appear You will first greet with 5 vacant obbies There are different options for an obby Those options are “Rename” and “Load” The rename option will allow you rename the obby The load option will load the obby The gate in front of you Creating an Obby You will be first greeted with 5000 cash.

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Create a new script inside of the part you want to turn into a lava brick as I did before notes on how the script works will be in the code local part = scriptParent Refers to the parent of the script partTouchedConnect(function(touch) local hum = touchParentFindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) if hum and humHealth > 0 then humHealth = 0 If aFeb 05 2022Apr 19 2021Oct 13 2020Sep 20 2020.

My Crazy Fun Obby Cool Creations Devforum Roblox

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Want to learn how to make a Roblox game FAST? AlvinBlox shows you how to make your first game on Roblox in under 20 minutes using Roblox Studio and Lua scrip.

How To Make Obby Roblox
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