Roblox Banned For Copying Clothing

Roblox Banned For Copying Clothing. To further legitimise this practice by allowing them a nomination to the Bloxy Awards seems against everything Roblox stands for As developers .

Ban Roblox Wiki Fandom roblox banned for copying clothing
Ban Roblox Wiki Fandom from

No but it&#39s extremely frowned upon by everyone in the community except copiers Upvote 6.

Yall why is roblox banning random shirts/pants.

EDIT #1 We have no confirmation from official Roblox if this method will result in a user account ban So as SharkBlox suggests you should only .

Can I get banned for copying/stealing clothes? Roblox Forum Archive

Roblox can hide the template for people to find making it impossible to copy Roblox can remove every clothing that is copied by finding the original owner .

Policy suggestion; Copying Clothing for sale be against the rules

Technically it is illegal but ROBLOX doesn&#39t care if you get ripped of Kind of a scam btw But if I were you I would just mod the shirt.

Ban Roblox Wiki Fandom

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Clothing Roblox Wiki

Can I get banned for copying clothing? : r/roblox Reddit

you wear a shirt that has Roblox? been copied in What happens if

Roblox to remove all copied clothes in the catalog

How do I prevent people from copying my designs?

Can you get banned for copying clothes on roblox? V3rmillion

If the company is not happy with their logo being used on Roblox clothing sometimes your account can get deleted Recently someone was IP banned .

Roblox Banned For Copying Clothing
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