Roblox Plaid Cap

Roblox Plaid Cap. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.

Boys 4 20 Roblox Heathered Cap roblox plaid cap
Boys 4 20 Roblox Heathered Cap from Boys 4-20 Roblox Heathered Cap

The Green Plaid Cap is a hat on Roblox published in the avatar shop on August 10 2012 As of December 24 2018 it currently has been favorited 807.

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Roblox Character is a customizable avatar which you’ll use ingame This avatar/character is absolutely customizable from top to bottom Plaid frill 2 Rainbow purse 30 3 Dust mask 4 Silly fun 5 Paper hat Cost – 98 Robux APZ_EDZY Requirements – 1 424 Yellow denim parka 2 Black air huarache 3 ???? 4 Obvious spy cap 5 Crimson.

Xorties is a player who is quite new to Roblox Xorties has a red torso grey arms and head blue legs and a red plaid cap Xorties’ game is about the stages of madness which can be seen throughout the games Xorties has a love for fun often saying that it.

Boys 4 20 Roblox Heathered Cap

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Roblox Plaid Cap
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