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NotCreatable This object cannot be created with the Instance|Instancenew constructor function The PointsService class controls points Points are an award system used to showcase a player’s achievements and participation throughout Roblox How points are awarded through this service is at the discretion of the game’s developer.

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RbxWeb RbxWeb is a DataStoreService wrapper with the goal of being easy to use and preventing data loss in mind The API is very similar to the vanilla DataStoreService which makes switching to RbxWeb very easy The script is also documented entire and can be read using Documentation Reader The script also supports using MockDataStoreService for easy.

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Disclaimer If you have some skill with the Roblox API you can probably already get all the data without help or by investigating the following points one by one [points which will be taught today] How to get visits and the thumbnail of a game? Name and ID of the creator Place name and last update Requires It only works in game not in studio so youd better.

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Games Api v1 Games Show/Hide List Operations Expand Operations get /v1/games Gets a list of games’ detail Get the game media data.

Roblox Ceo S Net Worth Zooms To 4 Billion After Company S Hot Market Debut

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GitHub howmanysmall/RbxWeb: Roblox DataStore module

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comprehensive tutorial API the Accessing the Roblox

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Roblox Points Database Api
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