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Roblox Red Manta Studio. Roblox World Zero Codes (February 2022) World Zero is an RPG game developed by Red Manta Studio for the Roblox experience platform where players can choose between three classes and explore the vast world Complete challenging dungeons take down enemies and bosses and work through your daily challenges for rewards.

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Created on Jan 2019 World // Zero is a fantasy RPG on the Roblox platform Players first enter the world after choosing from three classes Swordsmaster Mage or Defender From there the world is open to explore complete quests evolve pets and more World // Zero was developed by Red Manta Studio.

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Image via Red Manta Studio Roblox World Zero is an RPG game where players can explore the world while completing various missions challenges fighting enemies and more At the start of the game you have to choose from three classes Swordmaster Mage or Defender and then complete quests upgrade pets and.

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RedManta is a fully distributed studio publishing in the Metaverse Founded in 2018 we are Roblox’s first developer & publisher with over 100 years of Roblox experience We have amassed over 1 billion play sessions and hold a concurrent user record of 70000 .

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RedManta Studios is the Roblox game development studio responsible for creating World // Zero Other notable games created by this studio include Robloxian Highschool Knife Capsules and Store Wars This is the team working on World // Zero AbstractAlex CEO & Scripting Locard Project Lead & Scripting BouldyTheBoulder Project Producer QA Lead & Social Lead Iskid .

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