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Roblox Shark Attack Submarine. THE SUBMARINE AND MILITARY BOAT! ???????? / Roblox Sharkbite gaming logo 3005 Likes 3005 Dislikes 578648 views views 476K followers Gaming Upload TimePublished on 21 Feb 2019.

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Theme Aqua Raiders 7773 Tiger Shark Attack is an Aqua Raiders set released in 2007 It contains a Giant Tiger Shark a submarine two divers a harpoon cannon and a jewelencrusted treasure The sub includes two large tridents seen in various BIONICLE sets and.

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GameplayTipsTriviaThe game takes place on several islands in an ocean infested with manhungry sharks The main goal is to kill as many sharks as possible and to collect gems When a shark senses a player they will swim to them and try to kill them (touching almost every part will deal damage) With weapons and a pet the player can slau.

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AppearanceStrategyAdvantagesPros and ConsTipsNotesThe submarine has the appearance of a small yellow submersible with a yellow body a light black underside with three colored lights on the front two propellers located at the rear one on each side and a glass dome with a black hatch It has two white seats (the driver is the one with a green light in front) and two headlights.

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THE SUBMARINE AND MILITARY BOAT! ???????? / Roblox: Sharkbite

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Roblox Shark Attack Submarine
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