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Roblox Talk Incidents. jaredpogi123kaba was a Roblox user who joined on May 1 2015 he was mostly known for mainly being part of a forum incident just before it would shut down On October 1 2017 jaredpogi123kaba posted a link of an archive on the wayback machine which showed some illegal stuff on the site This obviously drew criticism to jared as the link was up for around 30.

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A 7yearold girl’s character was raped in the popular children’s game “Roblox” and her mom’s post about it went viral She warned that the game’s moderation tools aren’t enough and parents should supervise children when they’re gaming online The incident also reveals that the communities for games like “Roblox” can have a toxic underbelly.

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The subforum was merged with the Roblox Talk and Bloxfaires & Roblox Events subforums on July 27 2017 and became the Roblox News & Discussion subforum Controversy The subforum was known for occasional controversies and incidents including but not limited to flamewars raids and discussion of website incidents.

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Momentum Movers Short Sales Trader Talk Why Roblox (RBLX) Stock is Down 8% Today Shares of Roblox Dorsey then listed a number of alleged incidents that took place on the platform.


The 2014 Twitch incident was an incident that occurred on October 24 2014 It resulted in the termination of two administrators from the Roblox Corporation Shortly after ending a segment of the 24 Hour Extra Live event on Twitch the administrators.

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On August 4th 2016 ROBLOX Talk was spammed by several bot accounts These bots would reply to threads saying “iPad” with a long space that would cause the browser to crash The Avecys Incident (Minor) On August 10th 2016 a user disliked by some Avecys was “kicked” from Off Topic then began posting on Roblox Talk instead He was not welcomed and was told to.

Roblox Talk Incidents
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