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Roblox Titanic Realistic Water. Hey guys So as we all know that the current roblox water has many limitations which leads developers to make custom water meshes and use their own physics simulation which can be very hard I was thinking about making a game with boats and stuff and I was about to abandon the idea when it came to water Currently the water has absolutely NO PHYSICSMissing titanicMust include.

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GameplayTipsSequelTriviaThe game begins on April 14 1912 The player can roam on the ship visiting The Grand Staircase boiler rooms etc Later the night is present Suddenly the iceberg appears in the distance The ship hits it and begins to sink On April 15 the player must get a lifeboat to survive to get points If players stay on the ship while it sinks completely they will die of hypothermia During the sinking.

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RTitanic has been updated a few time lately and yesterday *depending on timezone* the new update came out with terrain water it is a choice if u want it or.

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GameplayHistorical AccuracySequelTriviaThe game starts out on the morning of the April 14 1912 During this time you can walk around and freely explore the various parts of the ship That includes the extremely well detailed and luxurious 1st class grand staircase the bridge of the ship the 2nd class staircase the 3rd class general room/open space boiler room.

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I have gotten lots of questions about how to get realistic water on Roblox Titanic well here it is This is how you get realistic water on Roblox TitanicGa.

Roblox Titanic Realistic Water
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