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Roblox Viewport Frame Portal. local RagdollHeadMovement = true Move your head separately from your body (+9 second wait) local AutoRun = false Rerun script on respawn local AutoRespawn = true Reset when your virtual body dies local WearAllAccessories = true Use all leftover hats for the head local AccurateHandPosition = false Position your Roblox hands.

Working Vpf Portal Tutorial Roblox Studio Youtube roblox viewport frame portal
Working Vpf Portal Tutorial Roblox Studio Youtube from

Teleportation portal demo is a game created by EgoMoose and is the first game on Roblox to demo the use of portals (teleportation gate in which the player can see objects through it)Players can travel from an empty baseplate to the generic Crossroads map and vice versa and can see the maps through the portal Since the release of this game a second version known simply as.

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And create a small part that holds a round viewport frame or something similar to create the portal gun effect The part would be really close to the wall It will give the illusion that its on the wall That way the player can handle a portal gun I don’t think it’s possible to create a full portal gun on roblox yet.

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You use viewport frames or something like that don’t remember the name You could use ViewportFrame to show animable characters on screen Using ViewportFrame requires a Camera object and you must assign it by doing ViewportCamera = Camera There’s this Roblox article about how to use ViewportFrame Be advised that changing the parts.

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Never thought that this would be possible in Roblox but it happened and you can see that in this video⭐MORE PORTAL VIDEOS!https//youtube/Xmdc5TBDzRY⭐Gameh.

Working Vpf Portal Tutorial Roblox Studio Youtube

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Roblox Viewport Frame Portal
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