Why Did Roblox Remove Genre Sorting

Why Did Roblox Remove Genre Sorting. ROBLOX recently updated the website which means you can no longer filter games by groups removing what was convenient for me and making it 10 times longer to find specific styles of games I now have to go through EVERY SINGLE GAME Please help me change it by signing.

Roblox Where S The Noob Roblox By Official Roblox Hardcover Target why did roblox remove genre sorting
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Roblox is slowly going to die because of the poor decisions they make and it’s starting to feel more like a shallow money grab than an actual fun platform I just want to be able to sort my games by genres again There was literally ZERO need to remove themTop responses.

Working (But Flawed) Way to Access Genre Search Again …

As a Roblox developer it is currently too hard to scope discoverability of our games to certain niches and genres Roblox already had a great userdriven genre sorting feature but had it axed for nonissues like “lack of use” and “no way toDec 13 2021Oct 23 2020Aug 14 2020Mar 21 2018.

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ROBLOX Is all about money now and used that stupid excuse promising us “abillity to create you own hats for free” after removing tickets The nbcers are nothing but poor peasants and are always below the only ones who gets a free pass are Rich kids who stole their parents credit cards and Big AAA Builders club Developers who are always selloutsTop responses.

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Please stop waiting my time keep the Roblox gift card or dont it came on it came off it came back on again and now its off again I dont care about any of the other rewards other than the roblox giftcard and it keeps disappearing Is this a glitch or is it really gone again??? If its a glitch please tell me how I can fix itMissing genreMust include.

Roblox Where S The Noob Roblox By Official Roblox Hardcover Target

Why did roblox remove genres? : bestanswer

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Why remove genres? : roblox reddit

games? YouTube just DELETE these why did ROBLOX

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Pet Simulator Update 10 Changelog (November 10 2018) Additions Tier 18 egg! Get 6 NEW unique pets including Aesthetic Cat! Hydra! Oct 26 2018Missing genreMust include.

Why Did Roblox Remove Genre Sorting
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